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UPDATE 11/1/17:

Delighted to say that we are now cast for all roles.

My sincerest thanks again to everyone for all of the beautiful work. It was a pleasure.

Julia Flores


* We will have both Equity and Non Equity contracts. See below for details.

* Video auditions may be submitted before 10/2. See below for details.

* You may prepare more than one role if you are interested; however, it will be our Director's discretion as to how much we see at the audiiton.

* Depending on your resume, you may be asked to sing something acapella (especially for Lizzie and Jane). It can be as simple as "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" so no worries. This is just a heads up.


1st rehearsal: November 7, 2017
1st public performance: November 30
Opening: December 2
Closing: December 17

Rehearsals are generally Tuesdays through Sundays 10-6.  Thanksgiving Day is off. In light of that, the Monday that is normally the day off might be a work day. We close a week before Xmas. THESE REHEARSALS ARE IN SANTA BARBARA.


Equity SPT - 8 contract.

Equity salary is $572 per week.
Non-Equity salary is $300 per week.

ETC will provide housing with private room and kitchen facilities. Some of the housing will have a shared bath.

Please bring your picture and resume with you to the audition. Thank you!


Screenland Studios. 10501 Burbank Boulevard in North Hollywood.
There is a lot just north of the studio or you may fidn street parking.

* Tuesday, 10/10 (session ends at 2:30pm)
* Monday, 10/16
* Tuesday, 10/17
We may not use all of the these days. One session may be used for callbacks so please let us know if you are unavailable for any of the dates listed above.

Jonathan Fox: Artistic Director
Andrew Barnicle: Director
Julia Flores: Casting Director
Jessica Janes: Casting Assistant/Reader


Please confirm your audition date and time via email Info@Florescasting.com before 10/2. Thank you.


* Material (script and sides) is available via Dropbox. Please copy and paste the following link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ofydv63esmgka93/AACAxhTJkPORTpEJX3oM8joXa?dl=0

* Depending on your resume, you may be asked to sing something acapella. It can be as easy as "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" so no worries. This is just a heads up.

* Please prepare the sides that have your character's name in CAPS. Each role has one side.

* Email FC if you need clarification: Info@Florescasting.com.


* All videos must be emailed to info@Florescasting.com before 10/2.

* Look over all details above (contract, dates, etc.) before submitting a video.

* Please email videos using the following services: Vimeo, Youtube, Dropbox.

* Just to cover all bases, you are welcome to prepare more than one role if you are interested.

* Please email your picture and resume along with your video link. Please do not make us have to email you for this...

* We will only accept videos with the requested audition material.



* The story takes place in 1815 so actors must be a fit within this period and style.
* Dialect will be Royal Pronunciation.
There will be some singing (any range). They all sing a Christmas Carol together at the end of the play.

Jane and Lizzie sing a harmony duet together. These do not need to be true "professionally trained voices"; however, they do need to be comfortable singing on stage and sound pleasing.

MARY BENNET: 20-30. Finally coming in to her own, she is no longer the plain, boring girl she once was. She has a fire in her now. She is attractive, intelligent, curious, and lively. She does not suffer fools. She wants to live.

ARTHUR DE BOURGH: 25-33. A studious, unsociable, only child who has never been around women or large families. He is a loner who prefers books to people. He has recently inherited a large estate and has no idea what to do next.

ELIZABETH DARCY: 20-33. Confident, attractive, charming, and witty. She makes a fun and surprising lady of the house. Actress must feel comfortable enough with singing to perform a duet onstage.

FITZWILLIAM DARCY: 25-35. A loving, generous, handsome and smart (if slightly stiff) husband. He is quiet and vigilant and thus sees what others often miss. He knows what being lovelorn is like.

JANE BINGLEY: 25-33. She is 7 months pregnant with her first child and is sweet and optimistic as ever. Beautiful in every way. The kindest heart in the house. Actress must feel comfortable enough with singing to perform a duet onstage.

CHARLES BINGLEY: 25-33. Gracious, happy, handsome and ever-focused on the love of his life, Jane. A good friend and always ready with a smile.

LYDIA WICKHAM: To play 18-25. Flirtatious, attractive, braggadocios and selfish free spirit. Her marriage to Mr. Wickham is a sham but she will not admit this. She also won’t admit that she desperately needs the love of her family.

ANNE DE BOURGH: 20-30. Only daughter of the late Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Lived in her mother’s very large shadow, never having to ask for anything or speak for herself, her entire life. Judgmental, opinionated and impatient, just like her mother.