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UPDATE: 1/30/18

Very pleased to post that we are now cast for "South Pacific".

Get your dancing shoes on! It's all about NEWSIES now.

With gratitude,
Julia Flores


  -Below is the adjusted schedule for our kids:
- Rehearsal start: 4/3
- Rehearsals will be Tuesday thru Friday 4pm to 7pm and weekends 10am to 6pm
- Tech week will be 4/9-4/11: 4pm to 10pm, Thursday, 4/12: 3pm to 10pm and Friday, 4/13 6pm to end of show.

*FOR OUR MEN (all roles):
Below is a link to a picture of how Glenn will want the men’s hair. There will be a clause in the contract to reflect this as well. “Cut and Color at discretion of creatives”. Please let us know immediately if this is an issue.



Nellie is a "hick from the sticks". She is more comfortable in overalls and sneakers than a dress and heels. She is AUTHENTIC, NATURAL and a genuine breath of fresh air. A natural, easy going style and sense of humor. No pretense or airs about her. Think Maria in "Sound of Music" and/or Millie in "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers".

Take some time with Nellie. In regards to the tempo for the sides, feel free to breathe a bit with her. Take everything in (the view, the chicken, Emile). Stay present. She is very attracted to Emile so try not to stray too far from him or move away from him. They are like magnets in that first scene. In the 2nd scene, Glenn is super focused on making this about Nellie's prejudice so let the fact that Ngana and Jerome are his really floor and somewhat disgust her. This is a HUGE obstacle for her to overcome so you don't need to cover super well; it will help to see her shock.

"Cockeyed Optimist" should be sung to Emile as conversation as opposed to a "musical theatre number" presented to the audience. It's a continuation of the scene.

Please do not listen to the Kellie O'Hara recordings. If you need/want to listen to a recording, Mary Martin is more of what we are looking for (with more spunk and energy).

No sneaker or soft soled shoes. Wear boots or hard soles...he's an officer. He is full of himself and on a mission. Not that he's dismissive or cold, but he has a strong sense of confidence, education and presence. Not so "above it all" that he doesn't see the humor in Bloody Mary, but he is driven and practical...until he meets Liat and then his world completely goes upside down.

You will be singing to our reader so within respectful limits, make a connection and find the passion and heart of the lyrics.

Please sing in your chest voice (into your lower register). “Bali Hi” isn’t meant to be lyrical/pretty. More of an earthy, perhaps even dark/mystical, tone. She has gravitas vocally and physically.

Liat is a striking beauty. She is ethereal and naive. She has an almost spiritual presence. She makes an undeniable connection with Cable and is struck by this. She is as intrugued by him as he is with her. Please keep all this mind as you prep./choose your wardrobe and makeup for the audition. Flowing dress and very little make up would be good choices. PLEASE WEAR FLATS.



Rehearsals in La Mirada: 3/27-4/8  

Valley Performing Arts Center in Northridge
Tech: 4/9-4/13 Open: 4/13 Close 4/15  

La Mirada Theatre
: Tech: 4/16-4/20 Open: 4/20 Close: 5/13

Seven weeks consecutive work. No layoff.


COST Contract                  

- Equity:  $835/week
- Non Equity: VPAC-$500 total and LMT-$1,000 total

Please clear any/all conflicts (with dates and/or contract) with casting via email info@Florescasting.com before you submit your video or confirm your audition.


* Thursday, 1/25: Producer Callbacks
La Mirada Rehearsal Hall 15519 Phoebe Avenue La Mirada. Plenty of parking in front and on street.  

Who Will Be There
Producers: Tom and Cathy McCoy
LMT Producing Artistic Director: BT McNicholl
Director: Glenn Casale
Music Director/Accompanist: Brent Crayon
Choreographer: Peggy Hickey
Casting Director: Julia Flores
Casting Assistant/Reader: Kelley Dorney 


Once you have read through all details here, please confirm via email Kelley@Florescasting.com

Appointments should be confirmed at least 4 business days prior to your audition.

Please bring your picture and resume with you to your audition, even if you think that we may already have one. Thank you!


- Script and sheet music are available in the Dropbox folder: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/43g33bg4b9l7dm1/AABOYEFYUtf2ngGA9cZTA0bka?dl=0

- All sheet music is listed under “SP Sheet Music” and the character’s name. ·       Sides are listed below and script is in the Dropbox Folder

- Please bring your music book just in case.

To Read:
Pg1-1-2 to 1-1-4
Page 1-13-64 to 1-13-66 after Nellie’s exit  

To Sing:
Cockeyed Optimist (sheet music in Dropbox folder)
Wonderful Guy (sheet music in Dropbox folder) 
CALLBACK (1/25): Dropbox folder has a short selection. Nellie should sing both parts through m12 in a more legit tone to compliment Emile’s rich baritone.

Please do not listen to the Kellie O'Hara recordings. If you need/want to listen to a recording, Mary Martin is more of what we are looking for (with more spunk and energy).

To Read
1-2-12 to 1-3-13 cut the song and do scene after song too. End “only way is to Slink them”  

To Sing:
Bali Ha’I (sheet music in Dropbox folder)
Happy Talk (sheet music in Dropbox folder)  

To Read:
1-3-15 to 1-3-17
1-3-19 “Hey Luther” to 1-3-20 “You’re a treasure.  

To Sing:
There is Nothin’ Like a Dame (sheet music in Dropbox folder)
Bali Ha’I (sheet music in Dropbox folder)    

To Read:
1-3-22 to 1-3-24  "...she's a Philadelphia girl"  

To Sing
Younger Than Springtime (sheet music in Dropbox folder)   

To Read
1-3-30 “Lieutenant, who are you anyway” to 1-3-32 “Maybe we’ll get into this war yet!!"  

To Sing:
No singing., unless you’d like to. You can prepare 16 bars of an appropriate piece.  

To Read
1-9-53 “He’s an honest man” to 1-10-54 “Go fishing" good  

To Sing
No singing., unless you’d like to. You can prepare 16 bars of an appropriate piece.  

To Read
: Page 57 two lines. Please prepare to the last "no". Important to see her thought process here. 
* Liat's look and quality/presence are key. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO DRESS APPRORIATELY. No contemporary clothes (jeans, etc.).

To Sing
: Song of your choice. Classic musical theatre. Something young, sweet, innocent and radiant. Think ballad moreso than up tempo.  

The roles of Stewpot, and Professor will be seen and read and seen with male ensemble.

To Read:
Choose one or two of the male ensemble sides (see below)  

To Sing:
Male Ensemble and Solos (sheet music in Dropbox folder)
(Please bring your music book as well)    

* The roles of Stewpot, and Professor will be seen and read and seen with male ensemble.
To Read:
Choose one or two of the male ensemble sides (see below)  

To Sing
: Male Ensemble and Solos (sheet music in Dropbox folder) (Please bring your music book as well)    

To Read
Please be familiar with these sections; however, we will not need to hear all three. The choice will most likely be made on case by case basis.

McCaffery 2-6-86
Quale 1-10-54
Adams’ Monologue on 2-6-88  

To Sing
Male Ensemble and Solos (sheet music in Dropbox folder)
Please bring your music book as well

To Read
1-7-43 Read Dinah and Nurses as one character  

To Sing:
Please be familiar with these sections; however, we may not need to hear all three.

*Wonderful Guy (sheet music in Dropbox folder)
Wash (sheet music in Dropbox folder)
French Girls (sheet music in the Dropbox folder)
Please bring your music book as well

To Read
: No sides.  

To Sing
: Dites-Moi (sheet music in Dropbox folder)
Please bring your music book as well



This session is for all of the supporting roles and for our ensemble.

* By invitation only.
* 1pm for Women and 4pm for Men

* Basic musical theater dance.
* Ladies should bring heels as well as flats.

* Video of the choreography is in our Dropbox file (see AUDITION MATERIAL). We strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with the combination before you come in.

* We will move/dance first and those asked to stay should have the ensemble selection(s) prepared.

* It's the same combination for men and women so if you are not available for one call, you are more than welcome to attend the other. Please just let us know ahead of time if you are switching times. Kelley@Florescasting.com


- All videos must be emailed to info@Florescasting.com before December 20th.

- We will need to see you in person at some point in the casting process. Please notify casting if this is an issue BEFORE you submit your video.

- Look over all details above (contract, dates, etc.) before submitting a video.

- Please email videos using the following services: Youtube, Dropbox, Vimeo.
- Please email your picture and resume along with your video link. Do not make us have to email you for this...

- We will only accept videos with the requested audition material. Please read the scenes and/or sing the requested songs with accompaniment or music track.

- Liat should dress appropriately for the video audition please. Also, be sure to include a full body shot at some point (slate or end of sides) and current height and weight.


NOTE: The role Emile has been cast.  

Late 20’s – early 30’s.  An optimistic and uncomplicated Navy nurse from Arkansas who falls in love with Emile.  When she learns of his past and his family, Nellie struggles with her conflicting views on race and marriage, and must learn compassion and acceptance to lead the life she feels is right.  Must be a strong actor/singer who has subtle comedic timing and moves very well. Mezzo (Ab3 to C5)   

BLOODY MARY:  Late 30’s – Mid 50’s.  A shrewd Tonkinese souvenir dealer who is trying to find her daughter an American husband.  She is a brassy, self-confident hustler holds her own amongst the cocky American soldiers.  Must be a strong comedian. Mezzo (G3 - C5, comedic)  

30’s – Early 40’s.  A masculine, yet mediocre entrepreneur and sailor.  He has an eye for Nellie, whose friendship reveals his sensitive, puppy dog side.  Must be a strong comedian. Baritone (G2 - D3, comic). Movement skills a plus.  

20’s.  A young, formal, masculine and attractive officer who falls in love with Liat.  His rejection of her forces him to come to grips with this own prejudices and insecurities. Tenor (D3 - G4)   

Non-Singing.  Mid 40’s – Late 50’s.  The highest ranking officer on the base.  Although he is pompous and referred to as Old Iron Belly, he is competent and hides a heart of gold.  

Non-Singing.  Mid 30’s – Late 40’s.  Brackett’s confident and down to business second-in-command and right hand man.

LIAT:  Adult to play late teens. Non-Singing.  Bloody Mary’s heartbreakingly beautiful, delicate, pure, Tonkinese daughter.  Must move very well.  

STEWPOT:  Mid 20 – Mid 30’s.  Billis’ daft, yet funny sailor cohort.  Stewpot has to be a clear, clean Bass singer.  

Ensemble Singing.  Mid 20’s – Mid 30’s.  The studious and diligent sailor and part of Billis’ gang.     
: 20-s-30’s. Eight ensemble men. Men should be service/character men who sing well and are strong actors. With the exception of one male Polynesian actor, al should be Caucasian.  

Six ensemble women.25-30’s, strong singer/character actresses. Must be strong movers.  

: ages 8-10. Polynesian . Emile’s children. One boy and one girl. Can be siblings. Must sing and act. The children speak only French, so actors should be comfortable with learning a new language or already know how to speak French.