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Welcome to Flores Casting:

This site was specifcally created for the actors who audition for us and their representatives. We appreciate the time and effort you put into each audition and hope that this will help to make your process a little bit easier. Each project has it's own page that includes all the necessary information you will need to best prepare for your audition.  

Our sessions are only successful if you have what you need to do your best, so if we can be of further assistance, please email us directly (info@florescasting.com) and let us know.

We do our very best to get you all the information we have available so that you are as much in the loop as possible. In return, we trust that you will do the same by disclosing any and all potential conflicts before you audition.

It is imperative to us that we only introduce our clients to those actors who are 100% available for the projects we are casting.

Please bookmark this site. We list information for every show we cast here. 

We have also included information about our company and the companies we are so proud to do business with.

Our sincerest thanks for all you do to make our job a joy!